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Mini Cauli-Tots

Mini Cauli Tots

Crispy tater tots may be a nostalgic part of your childhood like they are from mine. As a child anything potato dipped into ketchup was comfort food. Today, I am always looking for healthier versions of the foods I used to enjoy in my younger years. The texture of these “mock” tater tots is a bit different from the traditional tater tot but they are still crispy and delicious. Continue reading

Helping you make vegetables the star of your plate!


This recipe will transform how you feel about your getting your veggies. Vegetables don’t need to be boring because this dish is bursting with flavors. The butteriness of the tender sautéed leeks compliment the saltiness of the crisp bacon. Use a quality bacon that is organic and free of nitrates. No need to feel guilty about the bacon in this dish you only need a couple pieces to enjoy the flavor. Continue reading

Kale & Chili Spiced Butternut Squash


Caramelized butternut squash is a favorite of mine this time of year. Toss in some healthy fresh kale and toasted walnuts and that’s what I call fall comfort food. The contrast of colors and textures in this dish is very appealing. Continue reading

Oven Roasted Delicata Squash & Roasted Beets


Fall is upon us and delicious delicata is bountiful. This squash is by far my favorite variety with a delicate sweet flavor. Continue reading

Spectacular Summer Vegetables

spectacular summer vegetables
Summer vegetables are bursting with flavor and the colors are all so inviting. Brighten up your plate and your health with the bounty of produce available to you this time of year. Approach your daily nutrition goals by thinking about eating from the rainbow of colors available in summers produce. Each color has it’s own health benefits… Continue reading

Kohlrabi Mock Mashed Potatoes

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Kohlrabi Mock Mashed Potatoes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This delicious little root vegetable makes the best tasting mock mashed potato. This is healthy comfort food.
Recipe type: Sides
Serves: 4
  • 4 kohlrabi, peeled and chopped into large chunks
  • 1-2 TB grass fed butter to taste
  • sea salt to taste
  1. Boil the kohlrabi 10-15 minutes or until tender with a knife.
  2. Drain the water.
  3. Add the kohlrabi to a bowl with 1 TB butter and salt to taste.
  4. Mash to desired consistency. It's that easy. Enjoy!


Kohlrabi is a delicious root vegetable.  I can purchase mine this time of year at the local grocery store.  In a few months I’ll be purchasing them at the farmers market again.  This vegetable is part of the cabbage family and can be enjoyed raw grated into a slaw, salad or on a wrap.  For those of us who are avoiding extra starch from white potatoes in our diets this vegetable makes a great little mock mashed potato.  The recipe I’ve included in this post is my favorite method for using kohlrabi. Just a note that traditional mashed potatoes have milk added to them.  I find that the kohlrabi does not really blend well to absorb the milk. Instead I just omit it and enjoy it simply mashed with butter and salt.

The greens from the kohlrabi can also be used.  Remove the stem, wash the leaves, pat dry and chop them. Lightly sauté them in a fry pan with 2 tsp coconut oil or olive oil and one crushed clove of garlic.  If you enjoy a bit of heat sprinkle with a little crushed red pepper. Sautéing greens takes under 30 seconds.  It is really just long enough to wilt the greens.  Cooking them too long will pull the nutrients and water from the leaves leaving you with a pile of overcooked greens.  If this happens save the greens and liquid for a soup, meat patty or even chopped into a side rice pilaf. I hope you’ll enjoy working with this vegetable in your kitchen.