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Cardamom & Orange Cookies GF/DF

Cardamom and Orange Cookies

Looking for a lightly sweetened alternative to store bought cookies? These cookies are gluten free and dairy free. The taste of cardamom and orange remind me of all the wonderful fragrant spices that accompany fall. Continue reading

Energetic and Healing Green Juice

I’m a bit under the weather today so I decided to make a batch of healing green juice.  I’ve been eating more smoothies lately and totally forgot about my beautiful juicer. This wholesome, healing green juice gets right to work at boosting my immune system. Continue reading

What’s REALLY on the produce you eat?


Are you really aware of how many different pesticides and chemicals are on this handful of strawberries? You would be shocked and heartbroken to learn the staggering numbers. Are we feeding these berries to our children? That’s a scary thought! Continue reading

Clean Living


Welcome to The Seasonal Kitchen’s blog.  This blog focuses on healthful living both through quality, clean foods and clean living. Living clean simply means reducing your toxic exposure through our foods and the environment. The quality of our water, air, household and beauty products we use on a daily basis are all important areas to focus on. Our bodies were not designed to function with the toxins that we are overloaded with day in and day out. Excessive exposure to these toxins weaken our immune systems and add to inflammation. Today we are seeing alarming increases in autoimmune diseases, depression, obesity, Autism and ADHD just to name a few.  The quality of our foods and the environment can play key roles in our health and wellness.