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James Boon Photography

James Boon, photographer and owner of James Boon Photography James is passionate about taking beautiful photos and working with clients to capture life's treasured moments making memories that last a lifetime. Credit is given to James Boon Photography for the personal photos used on my website.

Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Michael Anders, owner of Shape Up Fitness Wellness Consulting, is the head trainer of Charlotte's leading personal training company. They help clients to attain their weight loss and fitness goals fast and in a safe, private and fun environment.

MC2 + Energizing Families. Optimizing Greatness!

MC2 = Energizing Familites. Optimizing Greatness!

MC2 Motivating Children to Change is created by a local pediatrician and mother of three kids. Her interests are in disease prevention, using the basics of life, nutrition, sleep and exercise. Her focus is set on the children and how they can all help us change for the better. Her blog is filled with helpful tips on raising healthy children where she states "Let's help them be the Power of Change to Energize our Families."

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