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Helping you make vegetables the star of your plate!


This recipe will transform how you feel about your getting your veggies. Vegetables don’t need to be boring because this dish is bursting with flavors. The butteriness of the tender sautéed leeks compliment the saltiness of the crisp bacon. Use a quality bacon that is organic and free of nitrates. No need to feel guilty about the bacon in this dish you only need a couple pieces to enjoy the flavor. Continue reading

Spectacular Summer Vegetables

spectacular summer vegetables
Summer vegetables are bursting with flavor and the colors are all so inviting. Brighten up your plate and your health with the bounty of produce available to you this time of year. Approach your daily nutrition goals by thinking about eating from the rainbow of colors available in summers produce. Each color has it’s own health benefits… Continue reading

Buttermilk Ranch Veggie Dip – Gluten Free

It’s summer and the kids are out of school.  Let them snack on this delicious and easy dip with precut veggies. Continue reading

Getting more FRUITS & VEGETABLES into your diet…

green and red healthy food

Many of us struggle to get the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are your best defense against cancer, lowering your risk for heart disease and stroke, gastrointestinal health and promoting eye health. Continue reading

Energetic and Healing Green Juice

I’m a bit under the weather today so I decided to make a batch of healing green juice.  I’ve been eating more smoothies lately and totally forgot about my beautiful juicer. This wholesome, healing green juice gets right to work at boosting my immune system. Continue reading