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Healthy 4 Ingredient Ice Cream – Sugar Free & Dairy Free

Healthy 4 ingredient ice cream without the GUILT! SUGAR FREE & DAIRY FREE Continue reading

Vanilla Hemp Milk

Vanilla hemp milk is creamy and delicious, lightly sweetened naturally from dates. Hemp milk is a great alternative to some of the other non-dairy milks that are lining the shelves of our grocery stores. Allergy season is upon us here in the Carolinas and for that reason I am trying to focus on a diet that helps reduce inflammation. Hemp seeds are noted for their omega 3’s an essential fatty acid that helps reduce inflammation. If you have ever made nut milks you will be excited to discover how easy it is to work with raw hemp seeds. Continue reading

Spectacular Summer Vegetables

spectacular summer vegetables
Summer vegetables are bursting with flavor and the colors are all so inviting. Brighten up your plate and your health with the bounty of produce available to you this time of year. Approach your daily nutrition goals by thinking about eating from the rainbow of colors available in summers produce. Each color has it’s own health benefits… Continue reading

Balancing your health with Healthy Fats + Healthy Weeknight Salmon Recipe

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.02.02 AM

Are you balancing your fats?  In today’s diet and fast paced world many of us are not getting enough healthy fats.  The Western diet consists of too many processed foods and therefore is heavy on the omega-6’s. Continue reading